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London Councils Transport and Environment Committee


London Councils is a cross-party organisation, funded and run by member authorities to work on behalf of them all, regardless of political persuasion. It also acts as the employers’ organisation for the 32 London boroughs, providing advice, support and training, and representing them in negotiations.


Its members - all 32 London boroughs, the City of London, the Metropolitan Police Authority and the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority – fund its work through subscription.


London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee,TEC, provides a range of high quality operational services such as parking and traffic appeals, the London night-time and weekend lorry ban, the Freedom Pass and Taxicard schemes. TEC aims to ensure that London boroughs' concerns and best practice are taken fully into account in the development and implementation of the whole range of transport and environment policies generated by Government departments, the European Union, and the Mayor of London. The committee deals with a wide array of issues, including congestion charging, CCTV camera traffic enforcement, waste, air quality, bio diversity, nature conservation, licensing and public protection.

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