Cabinet Member Decisons over £100,000, 2024

For plans prior to November 2009 please see the Key Decisions List Archive (2003-2009)


  • There are no plans published for this period

Each month, the Council publishes a list of key decisions which its is planning to take within the next 28 days, including those which it is intending to take in a private meeting (that is, a meeting to which the public is not admitted) .

The purpose of this list is to give notice of those decisions and an opportunity for people to make representations about any items which are to be decided in a private meeting. Anybody can make representations to the Council that an item should be decided in public and not in a private meeting. If you wish to do this, please e-mail

The Council will reply to your e-mail. Your representations, and the Council’s response to them, will be published on this website at least 5 days before the relevant meeting. 

Key decisions are decisions taken by either the Cabinet or Council that have a significant effect on the community or involve significant budgets using the following criteria: