This page contains a comprehensive record of all Leader's Urgent Decisions, Cabinet Decisions, and Officer Decisions. It also shows Cabinet Members' Decisions from December 2016 onwards. To search for earlier Cabinet Members' Decisions click on Search Committee Documents then filter by committee, choosing the 'Cabinet Members' Decisions' option.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Award of contract for the major refurbishment of 1-69 Linacre Court W6 and the construction of a new community centre to the west of the tower ref: 469928/09/202305/10/20230
Award of contract for structural repairs and refurbishment of 1-56 Askham Court W12 and 1-48 Aldine Court W12 ref: 470028/09/202305/10/20230
Award of contract for the major refurbishment of West Kensington Estate towers (Churchward House, Fairburn House, Desborough House, Lickey House, Sharnbrook House) W14 ref: 470128/09/202305/10/20230