Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Supported Living Provision08/07/2024For Determination06/08/2024
Direct Award Report of Spot Contract to Living With Equal Opportunities08/07/2024For DeterminationBefore 08/08/2024
Appointment of Employer’s Agent for Construction Works04/07/2024For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2024
Net Zero 2030 Parking Strategy03/07/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Fire Risk Assessment Services02/07/2024For Determination08/08/2024
H&F Private Rented Sector Policy02/07/2024For Determination02/09/2024
2024/25 Corporate Revenue Monitor - Month 9 (December 2024)02/07/2024For Determination01/04/2025
Revenue Budget Review 2024/25 - Month 6 (September 2024)02/07/2024For Determination13/01/2025
Revenue Budget Review 2024/25 - Month 2 (May 2024)02/07/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Mosaic Contract Extension28/06/2024For Determination09/2024
Linford Christie Stadium Athletics Track Refurbishment28/06/2024For Determination07/2024
Children's Centre Consultation28/06/2024For Determination30/08/2024
Parking Strategy - resident parking permit charges14/06/2024For Determination07/2024
Extension to Olive House Extra Care Contract12/06/2024For Determination07/2024
Attendance Strategy11/06/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Procurement of Toxicology Provision for West London Coroner’s Court06/06/2024For Determination07/2024
Funding Community Benefits Through Planning Obligations Draw Down Report 2023/2406/06/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Continued support to residents through the Cost of Living Crisis31/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Treasury Management Outturn Report29/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Semi-independent living (SIL) accommodation for children looked after, care leavers and young people experiencing homelessness28/05/2024For Determination16/12/2024
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2024/25 (SECOND QUARTER)28/05/2024For Determination13/01/2025
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2024/25 (THIRD QUARTER)28/05/2024For Determination10/02/2025
FOUR YEAR CAPITAL PROGRAMME 2025/26 AND CAPITAL STRATEGY 2025/2628/05/2024For Determination10/02/2025
Semi-independent living accommodation (SIL) for children looked after, care leavers and young people experiencing homelessness - procurement strategy28/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Provisional Revenue Outturn Report 2023/2424/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2024/25 (FIRST QUARTER)24/05/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Capital Programme Monitor & Budget Variations, 2023/24 (Outturn)24/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Award of contract for the major refurbishment of various void properties23/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Grant Acceptance14/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Procurement Strategy and Contract Award report for the Direct Award of contracts (via the consultancy services framework)to provide consultancy support for various schemes within the Housing Capital Programme10/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Pavement Licence10/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Development of Neighbourhood Improvements and Place Shaping Projects09/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Leisure Contract Variation09/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Pan London Contract on the Future of Micro-mobility08/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Queensmill School transitional funding26/04/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Hammersmith Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document16/04/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Children's Centre Consultation11/04/2024For Determination07/2024
Travel Care Taxi Procurement Strategy08/04/2024For Determination02/09/2024
H&F Air Quality Action Plan 2024-202908/04/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Traffic Orders Fees & Charges Uplift07/03/2024For Determination07/2024
Suspensions Fees & Charges Uplift07/03/2024For Determination07/2024
Digital Advertising Hoardings Overview20/02/2024For Determination07/2024
Procurement and award of consultancy contract16/02/2024For Determination07/2024
LD Supported Accommodation at Emlyn Gardens12/02/2024For Determination07/2024
Contract Award Report: Procurement Strategy – Electrical Lateral Mains Upgrade Works (22 Blocks)24/01/2024For Determination07/2024
Registration and Mortuary (Fees and Charges)23/01/2024For Determination07/2024
Approval for a 10 year lease on 27 Bulwer street W12 8AR17/01/2024For Determination07/2024
Short-Term Contract Variation to Council Repairs Contract (LOT 3)03/01/2024UrgentFor Determination07/2024
Strategy Report for Procurement of Energy - Flexible April 2025-203021/12/2023For Determination07/2024
Retrofit Strategy20/12/2023For Determination07/10/2024
LET FPN fine increase14/12/2023For Determination07/2024
Civic Campus Cinema Decision11/12/2023For Determination07/2024
Digital Inclusion Strategy06/12/2023For Determination07/10/2024
Smart Transport - Traffic Data Procurement05/12/2023For Determination07/2024
Procurement Strategy for Housing Lift Modernisation of Barton and Jepson House22/11/2023For Determination07/2024
Instruction to H&F Developments Ltd to grant lease on civic campus Block B ground floor office / reception22/11/2023For Determination07/2024
Instruction to H&F Developments Ltd to grant a lease on civic campus Affordable Start-up Unit 222/11/2023For Determination07/2024
Instruction to H&F Developments Ltd to grant a lease on civic campus Affordable Start-up Unit 122/11/2023For Determination07/2024
Grant Strategy for the launch of the Third Sector Investment Fund (3SIF)07/11/2023For Determination15/07/2024
Procurement Strategy for Voucher Payment Solution20/10/2023For Determination07/2024
Instruction to H&F Developments Ltd to grant a lease on civic campus Block B 7th floor office17/10/2023For Determination07/2024
Instruction to H&F Developments Ltd to grant a lease on civic campus Block B Restaurant17/10/2023For Determination07/2024
Council Tax Single Person Discount Review12/07/2023For Determination07/2024
Fulham Library & Macbeth Centre Roof Replacement06/07/2023For Determination07/2024
Smart Building and Environmental Technologies 202304/07/2023For Determination07/2024
Article 4 Direction21/06/2023For Determination07/2024
GLA funding for Primary School Universal Free School Meals14/06/2023For Determination07/2024
GLA funding for Primary School Universal Free School Meals12/06/2023For Determination07/2024
Procurement and Installation of Audio Visual Equipment, Desk Booking and Smart Technology within the refurbished Town Hall05/05/2023For Determination07/2024
Direct Award via the Southeast Consortium Framework for a Windows installation/replacement contractor18/04/2023For Determination07/2024
Breakfast Support Provider to Address Food Poverty in Schools18/04/2023For Determination07/2024
Day Opportunities Direct Award Contract31/03/2023For Determination07/2024
Approval to extend our roofing contract by 12 months.17/03/2023For Determination07/2024
Short Term Lease for the School House at Hurlingham Academy07/02/2023For Determination07/2024
Procurement Strategy/Contract Award approval to Cablesheer to support with housing voids and repairs27/01/2023For Determination07/2024
Procurement Strategy for Community Schools Programme Refurbishment Works10/10/2022For Determination07/2024
Parking Bailiff Enforcement Procurement Strategy01/09/2022For Determination07/2024
Land and property-based ICT system contract extension10/08/2022For Determination07/2024
Variations to Housing Repairs Contract22/06/2022For Determination07/2024
Contract Award Report - Consultancy Services Framework14/04/2022For Determination07/2024
Open Market Acquisition08/05/2022For Determination07/2024