Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Leisure Operating Contract Modification to include Capital Works at Lillie Road Fitness Centre02/06/2023For Determination06/2023
Fulham Library & Macbeth Centre Roof Replacement24/05/2023For Determination09/06/2023
Cost of Living Funding Strategy 23/2423/05/2023For Determination08/06/2023
Special School Organisation and SEND Capital Plan23/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Adult Learning and Skills Service (ALSS) Procurement Strategy23/05/2023For Determination22/06/2023
Procurement Strategy for Specialist Co-located Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs)23/05/2023For Determination06/07/2023
Fuel Poverty Strategy22/05/2023For Determination17/07/2023
Treasury Management Outturn Report22/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Direct Award Report for Mental Health Supported Living Services18/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
2023/24 Corporate Revenue Monitor - Month 6 (September 2023)17/05/2023For Determination15/01/2024
2023/24 Corporate Revenue Monitor - Month 9 (December 2023)17/05/2023For Determination15/04/2024
2023/24 Corporate Revenue Monitor - Month 4 (July 2023)17/05/2023For Determination06/11/2023
Insurance tender17/05/2023For Determination17/07/2023
Council Tax Exemption for Carers17/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
2023/24 Corporate Revenue Monitor - Month 2 (May 2023)17/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Youth Justice Plan 2023/2417/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Bishops Park - Riverside Railing Refurbishment16/05/2023For Determination13/06/2023
Cultural Strategy12/05/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Procure joinery works in relation to large Furniture and Fixtures at the refurbished Town Hall05/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 30/06/2023
Procurement and Installation of Audio Visual Equipment, Desk Booking and Smart Technology within the refurbished Town Hall05/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 30/06/2023
Refurbished Town Hall - Level 06 Fit-Out05/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 30/06/2023
Procurement of a Marquee for the refurbished Hammersmith Town Hall05/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2023
Direct Award via the Southeast Consortium Framework for a Windows installation/replacement contractor18/04/2023For Determination06/2023
Breakfast Support Provider to Address Food Poverty in Schools18/04/2023For Determination06/2023
Procurement Strategy for Temporary Classroom Unit at Woodlane Highe School17/04/2023For Determination06/2023
FOUR YEAR CAPITAL PROGRAMME 2024/25 AND CAPITAL STRATEGY 2024/2505/04/2023For Determination12/02/2024
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2023/24 (SECOND QUARTER)05/04/2023For Determination15/01/2024
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2023/24 (THIRD QUARTER)05/04/2023For Determination12/02/2024
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2022/23 (OUTTURN)05/04/2023For Determination04/09/2023
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2023/24 (FIRST QUARTER)05/04/2023For Determination16/10/2023
Connected Persons Extension04/04/2023For Determination06/2023
Edith Summerskill House18/04/2023For Determination04/09/2023
Day Opportunities Direct Award Contract31/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Contract Award for energy efficiency pilot project via the Procurement for Housing Framework31/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Contract Award for Home Extension for Long term Connected Persons Foster Carers24/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Contract award for the refurbishment of various void street properties24/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Approval for a 12 month extension of the pilot contract for pipe replacement across H and F housing stock17/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Approval to extend our roofing contract by 12 months.17/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Alternative Ecological Mitigation at Wormwood Scrubs Contractors Procurement16/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Direct award of a 5 year repair and maintenance contract for Lift Monitoring Equipment16/03/2023For Determination26/06/2023
Travel Care Minibus Procurement Strategy09/03/2023For Determination17/07/2023
Clean Air Neighbourhoods Programme Investment02/03/2023For Determination06/2023
Approval of Capital Spend for vehicles for waste, recycling, and street cleansing contract28/02/2023For Determination06/2023
Procurement and Contract Award decision to direct award a repairs/voids contract via the Fusion 21 Framework04/04/2023For Determination06/2023
Council intervention in the local Supported Housing Market to acquire five supported housing schemes21/02/2023For Determination06/2023
Short Term Lease for the School House at Hurlingham Academy07/02/2023For Determination06/2023
Procurement Strategy/Contract Award approval to Cablesheer to support with housing voids and repairs27/01/2023For Determination26/06/2023
Body Collection, Mortuary Services Contract25/01/2023For Determination06/2023
Decarbonisation of non-domestic properties (phase 2) - WOS - contract award12/01/2023For DeterminationBefore 07/06/2023
Consumption of Alcohol Public Spaces Protection Order11/01/2023For Determination06/2023
Procurement strategy for Town Hall catering operation.05/01/2023For Determination17/07/2023
Procurement Strategy decision: Agreement to access and call-off the Fusion 21 Framework, Lot 4 'Housing Disrepair'21/12/2022For Determination06/2023
School Organisation and Sufficiency Review17/11/2022For Determination04/09/2023
Schools' Capital Strategy and Budget 2023-2617/11/2022For Determination05/06/2023
Community Schools Programme – Variation to the appointment of Design Team (BPTW)16/11/2022For Determination06/2023
Design Team Procurement Strategy - Four Development Sites28/10/2022For Determination06/2023
Control Team Procurement Strategy - Four Development Sites28/10/2022For Determination06/2023
Contract award for Residential Charging Network expansion28/10/2022For Determination06/2023
Waste, Recycling & Street Cleansing Contract - Provisional Services21/10/2022For Determination06/2023
Procurement Strategy for Community Schools Programme Refurbishment Works10/10/2022For Determination06/2023
Home care and independent living21/09/2022For Determination06/2023
Decision on whether to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in relation to the use of E-scooters, E-bikes, and Pedal Cycles14/09/2022For Determination06/2023
Community Schools Programme decant works and mobilisation06/09/2022For Determination04/09/2023
Parking Bailiff Enforcement Procurement Strategy01/09/2022For Determination06/2023
Construction Code of Practice23/08/2022For Determination06/2023
Network and telephony provision12/08/2022For Determination06/2023
Land and property-based ICT system contract extension10/08/2022For Determination06/2023
Variations to Housing Repairs Contract22/06/2022For Determination06/2023
Contract Award Report - Consultancy Services Framework14/04/2022For Determination06/2023
Open Market Acquisition08/05/2022For Determination06/2023
Procurement Strategy & Award of Air Source Heat Pumps06/04/2022For Determination06/2023
Maintained Nursery Grant Funding23/03/2022For Determination06/2023
Fixed Penalty Notices to be issued by LET team03/06/2021For Determination04/09/2023
White City Central - Variation to the appointments of Mae, Curtins, 24 Acoustics, Make:Good and Farrer Huxley to include RIBA 3A27/05/2021For Determination06/2023
Procurement Strategy for Mental Health Supported Housing20/02/2020For Determination04/12/2023