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Appointment of Design Team for the Four Sites

15/01/2024 - Appointment of Design Team for the Four Sites

The Cabinet Member for the Economy is recommended to:  


1.    To note that Appendix 1 is not for publication on the basis that it contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the authority holding that information) as set out in paragraph 3 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).


2.    To approve the appointment of PRP Architects LLP to provide professional ‘Design Team’ services consisting of:


* Lead Architect

* Lead Designer (to coordinate design)

* Planning Consultant

* Landscape Architect

* Structural and Civil Engineers

* M&E Consultant

* Sustainability & Energy Consultant

* Plus some proprietary survey work (geotechnical assessment, prelim ecological appraisal, arboricultural impact assessment and others)


To redevelop each of the four independent sites through Gateways 2 – Planning and 3 – Procurement (RIBA Stages 1 – 4) of the Council’s Development Gateway process. The Headline Programme up to Planning is shown below.




LBHF Development Stage 2: (Planning) 


RIBA Work Stages 1  

Jan 24

RIBA Work Stages 2  

Feb – Aug 24 

RIBA Work Stages 3 

Sep 24 – Dec 24 

Planning Submission

Jan 25

RIBA Stage 3+ Supplementary Design

Jan 25 – Mar 25

RIBA Stage 4 Procurement

Mar 25-Nov 25

Planning Consent

May 25


3.    To note individual budget allocations including 10% contingency (at a total of £1,922,008) from the existing budget envelope as set out below:


     i)        Barclay Close for a value of £351,983.50

    ii)        Becklow Gardens for a value of £477,582.88

   iii)        land behind the Grange for a value of £417,859.75 and

   iv)        land adjacent to Jepson House for a value of £674,581.88


4.    To note that this sets the build standard to aspirational on all four projects combined, with all four projects independent of each other.