Issue - decisions

Community Schools Programme decant works and mobilisation

05/09/2023 - Community Schools Programme Decant Works and Mobilisation

1.    To approve the setting up and draw down of a budget of £807,070 (including £30,000 from S106 and £777,070 from general fund borrowing) to refurbish the Mund Street site and specific costs directly related to the decant process for Avonmore.


2.    To approve the allocation of £55,660 of School Condition Allocation (SCA) capital grant to support works associated with the specific educational requirements of Avonmore Primary school.


3.    To delegate the decision to commit this additional expenditure for the former Fulham Boys Mund Street site to the Director of Education, in consultation with the Director of Children’s Services, the Director of Finance and with the Cabinet Member for Children and Education