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South Fulham Traffic Congestion and Pollution Reduction (TCPR) East Experimental Scheme

This report has one appendix which contains information exempt within the meaning of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 and is not for publication. The appendix has therefore been circulated to Cabinet Members only.


Any discussions on the contents of an exempt appendix will require Cabinet to pass the proposed resolution identified at the end of the agenda to exclude members of the public and the press the proceedings for that discussion.



Councillor Harcourt introduced the report which considered making the South Fulham TCPR East Experimental Scheme permanent based on the evidence base, engagement and feedback gathered and conducted during the trial. There had been a clear reduction in traffic and air pollution across the area, which had significant health and wellbeing benefits for residents.


Councillor Harcourt  added that initially, in September 2020, the majority of residents were against the new traffic scheme introduced. However, one year later, over  90% of residents supported the scheme. The change in sentiment demonstrated how the scheme had gained support once its positive impacts were fully appreciated by residents.


Councillor Coleman stated that, after initial mistakes, extensive consultation and engagement process was carried out during the experiment with residents.  Following initial concerns, the consensus in the local area was now positive for the scheme and there was a growing drive to expand the scheme to the west. The scheme had the largest consultation and engagement process the Council had undertaken for a traffic scheme. In addition to the statutory requirements, ongoing engagement was carried out. A series of online Zoom meetings attended by hundreds of residents, five residents’ associations and local Ward Councillors, including Councillor Matt Thorley, took place. Subsequently, the five associations sent a joint letter of support for the scheme on the east on the condition that the scheme would also be considered for extension to the west, and traffic reduction and public realm improvements should be introduced on Wandsworth Bridge Road. He thanked the Ward Councillors Matt Thorley, Mark Loveday and Frances Stainton for their support.


The Leader reiterated that the Council did make a mistake initially but now had overwhelming support for this scheme. There would be further extensive engagement exercise with residents and Ward Councillors (beyond the statutory consultation requirements) to implement any additional extension to the scheme. The Leader commendedCouncillor Matt Thorley for supporting the scheme and Sharon Lea, Bram Kainth and John Galsworthy for their excellent work.






1.            To note that Appendix 5 is not for publication on the basis that it contains information relating to any individual, information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual, or information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information) as set out in paragraphs 1 to 3 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).


2.            That Cabinet notes and carefully considers the consultation responses received during the South Fulham TCPR East scheme attached at Appendix 5.


3.            That Cabinet approves the making of a permanent traffic management order for the South Fulham TCPR East Scheme (as detailed in the section the Experimental East Scheme) along with any necessary associated highway works subject to the outcome of the statutory consultation process.


4.            That Cabinet approves the making of an experimental traffic order for the South Fulham TCPR West Scheme following a further engagement exercise with residents.


5.            That Cabinet delegates authority to the Strategic Director of Environment in consultation with the Cabinet Member for the Environment to take all necessary steps to effect the decisions in recommendation 3 and 4.


6.            That Cabinet notes the carrying out of a statutory consultation for the implementation of 20mph speed limits for Wandsworth Bridge Road and New Kings Road.


7.            That Cabinet notes the carrying out of a further engagement exercise with residents for the development of traffic mitigation measures for Wandsworth Bridge Road.


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