Executive post

Cabinet Member for Public Services Reform


Scope of portfolio


Public Services Reform Services functions:


To drive innovation and change across the organisation in line with the Vision, Business Plan and strategies so that the outcomes our residents receive are better quality, better value and continuously improve so they are consistently high quality and fit for the modern age.


To drive an enabling corporate centre to support fundamental systems reform through research and innovation, assurance and the development and effective operation of the council’s major programmes and projects and efficiencies and service reform. To lead improvements in organisational culture and behaviours, to disrupt the status quo, and build new alliances with organisations across the public, private and third sector to achieve the objectives set out in 1.1.


To implement strategies that help our teams have better: capabilities, motivation levels, and strategies and work practices so that Hammersmith & Fulham stands out as the best, most effective council anywhere.


Improving the Council’s Ability to Deliver High Quality Services and Manage People


Responsibility for reviewing all the Council’s management structures, behaviours, and work practices with the aim of developing a culture of continuous improvement.


Developing, monitoring and implementing strategies to optimise the council’s management and work practices.


Identifying weak or failing services and working with officers to lead and support improvements.


Challenging and promoting the development of talent schemes; to grow our own talent, becoming more efficient as an organisation; and driving down the need for agency spend and recruitment overheads.


Implementing the use of incentives and other mechanisms for recording excellence.


Responsibility for all human resources functions including:

·         Systemic change programmes

·         Reward and remuneration

·         Employee Relations

·         Resourcing and recruitment

·         Employee engagement and development

·         Organisation development

·         Organisation design and establishment

·         Wellbeing


The Council’s customer care and complaints policies.


Ensuring that complaints are managed in an effective and timely fashion and that complaints are treated as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Functions shared with the Deputy Leader


The development, implementation and monitoring of the Authority's Annual Local Performance/ Corporate Plan including the setting of corporate targets for achievement, together with the setting of targets for individual services provided by the Authority, and the monitoring of risk management registers.


Ensuring resident and business satisfaction is measured and improved, including encouraging and rewarding staff ideas for improving resident satisfaction.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Strategy


Responsibility for connecting the Authority’s continuous improvement and cultural change agenda with residents and communities – so that the voice of residents helps to lead reform.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercial Services


Review and approve all requests for management consultants.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for the Environment


To continually improve residents’ access to and experience of Council services by developing strategy, infrastructure, processes and culture around resident contacts.

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