Executive post

Cabinet Member for Strategy


Scope of portfolio


Strategy functions

Responsibility for ensuring that the Authority’s Vision priorities; ‘doing things with residents, not to them’ and ‘taking pride in Hammersmith and Fulham’ are uppermost in all Council strategy development, service delivery and service excellence – so that residents are at the heart of everything we do.


Responsibility for establishing ward chairs and supporting them to empower local communities.


Providing direction and agreeing budgets that reflect the levels of need in each ward.


Working with ward chairs to reform the council from the grass-roots up and making best use of the direct and indirect powers that will be embodied within the ward chairs position.


Responsibility for creating a new dialogue between council officers and residents which better values resident voice, time, contribution, and resources.


Developing policy formation in public by leading working parties, establishing commissions, public policy hearings, co-production and other resident-led engagement.


Consideration of how learning from members’ casework can feed into more agile and responsive ways of working and policy formation and ultimately ensuring residents’ voices are heard and acted on.


Improving the interaction between the council and outside bodies to enhance engagement with residents.


Responsibility for resident and community consultation and engagement, ensuring consultation activities across the council (including meetings with residents’ groups) support the delivery of Administration priorities


Responsibility for introducing and expanding modes of engagement with residents whether social media, digital, virtual or face to face in order to keep abreast of innovative and popular communication channels, particularly those which are community-led.


Responsibility for resident and community engagement, particularly co-ordinating high-profile corporate campaigns on Council key issues.


To develop strategies to better work with the public on policy development and address issues of public concern.


To work with policy and accountability committee (PAC) chairs to co-ordinate policy development and implementation.


To support and co-ordinate the establishment and successful running of ward panels with the relevant lead member.


The content and production of the Authority's Community Strategy.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Public Services Reform

Responsibility for connecting the Authority’s continuous improvement and cultural change agenda with residents and communities to reform the council from the grass-roots up.


Functions shared with the Deputy Leader

Representing the Council's views on matters of corporate or strategic policy and any other matters which are within these terms of reference.


Developing approaches to ensure that all residents have increasing access to opportunity across the social, cultural, political, and economic life of the borough.


Ensuring the council’s discussions with residents lead to policy development which reflects and is informed by genuine local concerns in line with the council’s commitment to doing things with residents rather than to them.


Ensuring that council staff and contractors consistently deliver any commitments they make to residents and local businesses in a timely manner.


In consultation with the relevant portfolio holder, the planning, implementation and review of public consultation and community engagement initiatives relating to strategic, borough-wide issues and the impact of the Council’s representation on external organisations.


To establish appropriate forums for liaising and co-operating with and supporting amenity groups operating within the borough.


Fostering and supporting community resilience, including the networks of residents, organisations and businesses that support this.

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