Executive post

Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercial Services


Scope of portfolio


The Authority's capital and revenue budgets, including the medium term financial strategy, annual proposals on the Council Tax base, Council Tax levels and budget allocations between departments.


Responsibility for the monitoring of revenue and capital budgets and ensuring there are robust financial management systems.


Responsibility for Pension Fund management.


Responsibility for Treasury Management.


Probity and financial monitoring.


Preparation of annual accounts.


Responsibility for managing the Council’s non-housing property, including acquisitions and disposals, and facilities management.


Responsibility for the Council's Corporate Procurement Strategy and the implementation of the National Procurement Strategy.


Responsibility for procurement in accordance with the Council’s social and economic value procurement ethos.


Responsibility for the Strategic Partner for Information Technology.


The strategic implementation of the Authority's Information Technology Strategy and the achievement of the Government's targets for electronic service delivery.


Responsibility for the monitoring and effective delivery of Shared Service Programme and other joint working initiatives.


Representing the Council's views on strategic policies related to Shared Service Corporate Services and any other matters which fall within the Shared Services Corporate Services remit.


H&F Direct and Customer Access strategy.


Responsibility for Council's contract processes, including approval of changes to the Council's Contracts Standing Orders and Approved List of Contractors, ensuring services are in compliance with EU Procurement Directives and Legislation in relation to service provision.


Responsibility for the financial arrangements for contract management.


Working across the Council to consider innovative approaches to generating revenue from commercial ventures.


Commercial Revenue Generation


Responsibility for working across the Council to maximise new sources of income generation from the commercial sector.


Generating new revenue and practices that do not entail raising new charges and fines that target residents or local businesses.


Agreeing and monitoring annual revenue generation targets.


Function shared with the Cabinet Member for the Economy


Supporting Small Business Procurement

Ensuring that the Council’s procurement of goods and services delivers added local value for residents, businesses and the third sector.


Developing strategies and practices that improve the Council’s ability to procure locally sourced, value for money goods and services.


Ensuring the Council acts as a responsible corporate citizen towards small businesses.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Housing

For the purposes of estimate preparation, monitoring and control and staffing/industrial relations issues, the Cabinet Member for Finance is responsible for all non-housing budgets and (in conjunction with the Cabinet Member for Housing) for all housing budgets.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Public Services Reform

Review and approve all requests for management consultants.


Ensure effective information management systems, procedures and training are in place, and that the Council complies with all legal controls over access to and management of its information.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for the Environment

Ensuring, in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member, that adequate performance and quality is obtained from all Council contracts let, and on those services provided by the Authority, that services are delivered to ensure client and resident satisfaction.


Note: The Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercial Services is responsible for:


In conjunction with the Deputy Leader:

The Strategic Director of Finance & Governance.

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