Executive post

Cabinet Member for the Economy


1.         Scope of portfolio


1.1       Responsibility for the renewal and regeneration of the most deprived parts of Hammersmith & Fulham.


1.2       Developing policies and programmes to eradicate physical, economic and social deprivation.


1.3       To champion the development of local small businesses and to promote business start-ups


1.4       To work with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to support local businesses


1.5       To remove barriers that small firms may face when attempting to secure Council contracts


1.6       Monitoring the local employment situation and developing and implementing appropriate action in relation to the encouragement, promotion and development of employment training opportunities and services


1.7       Establishing and maintaining effective working partnerships with small businesses in pursuance of the Council’s regeneration strategy


1.8       The development, monitoring and implementation of the Authority's regeneration strategy and associated bidding processes


1.9       The development, monitoring and implementation of the Authority's strategic policy and operational matters relating to the European Union


1.10     Determining the Authority’s response to matters affecting residents which are the responsibility of third parties


1.11     Compulsory purchase of land for planning purposes


1.12     Development of strategies in relation to the future of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates and the surrounding regeneration area.


1.13     Development of housing policy to support the building of new homes which will act as a catalyst for regeneration


1.14     To formulate and implement policies likely to promote the development, preservation and enhancement of culture, heritage and tourism within the borough for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.


1.15     The Authority’s arts strategy.


1.16     To promote and assist the provision of good quality theatre, museum and other cultural facilities within the borough.


2.         Function shared with the Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion:


2.1       The promotion of employment, economic development, training, work experience, and other forms of support which the Authority can target to meet the needs of unemployed people within the Borough.


2.2       The development, monitoring and implementation of the Authority's responses to Government initiatives and programmes in respect of unemployed people in the Borough.


2.3       Promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in schools, colleges and promoting tomorrow’s entrepreneur.


2.4.      Determining applications and the approval of grants and loans to firms, community and voluntary organisations, charities and trusts for the purposes of economic development (excluding children and education ) within the borough.


3.         Function shared with the Cabinet Member for Housing:


3.1       Compulsory purchase of land for housing purposes.



Note: the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration is responsible for:


In conjunction with the Cabinet Member for Housing:

The Executive Director of Housing and Regeneration


In conjunction with all Cabinet Members:

Chief Executive

All Executive Directors


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