Executive post

Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care


1.         Community Health functions:


1.1       The Authority's policies and strategic plans relating to Adult Social Services, Supporting People Programme for specialist Housing Support.


1.2       Chairing the Health & Wellbeing Board.


1.3       Meeting the Authority's statutory functions under the National Assistance Act 1948, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Health Act 2006 and other appropriate legislation.


1.4       Ensuring that the needs of vulnerable adults are met.


1.5       Determining applications for financial assistance for community and voluntary organisations within the borough that fall within this portfolio.


1.6       Developing and monitoring service provision in respect of residential facilities, provided for, older people, the chronically sick, disabled people, people with learning disabilities, people affected by HIV/Aids and people with mental health needs.


1.7       The administration of the AIDS Support Grant, Social Care Reform Grant and Stokes Grant.


1.8       The development of joint and partnership working, including joint commissioning of services with the Health Authorities and Trusts for the provision of social and health care.


1.9       Representing the Council's views on matters of corporate or strategic policy and any other matters which are within these terms of reference.


1.10     The development, monitoring and implementation of the Authority’s strategy in respect of better government for older people and people with disabilities.


1.12     The development of policies and strategies to retain and enhance high quality GP, other primary, community and acute health care services, including at Charing Cross Hospital and Milson Road Health Centre.


2.         Public health functions:


2.1       The promotion of health education and public awareness of health issues within the borough, and implementation and monitoring of projects and services in relation to public health provision.


2.2       Consultation with the agencies and voluntary organisations concerned with public health matters in the borough, and encouraging and supporting the development of such organisations.


2.3       The establishment of partnerships and other forms of collaborative working with the Health Authorities to develop and monitor joint programmes and other projects and services relating to public health provision and education within the borough.


3.         Function shared with the Deputy Leader


3.1       The development, monitoring and implementation of drug and alcohol policies.



Note: The Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care is responsible for:


In conjunction with the Leader:

The Tri-Borough Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health


In conjunction with all Cabinet Members:

Chief Executive

All Executive Directors


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