Executive post

Cabinet Member for the Environment


1.         Environment functions:


1.1       The implementation of the authority's planning policies.


1.2       Policy and service implementation in respect of building control, street lighting, waste disposal and recycling, sewerage, buildings maintenance, controlled parking (except administration of permits) and parking enforcement.


1.3       The preparation and consideration of environmental improvement schemes .


1.4       The authority’s local Transport Plan and Borough Spending Plan.


1.5       Ensuring, in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member, that adequate performance and quality is obtained from all Council contracts let, and on those services provided by the Authority, that services are delivered to ensure client and resident satisfaction.


1.6       The Authority's powers and duties under all relevant legislation pertaining to building control.


1.7       The inclusion of buildings in the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.


1.8       The exercise of the Authority's functions under Part II of the London Buildings Act (Amendment) Act 1939 in relation to the naming and numbering of streets and buildings.


1.9       The maintenance and management of the Borough's roads, river walls, drawdocks, all subways, bridges including Hammersmith Bridge, and other civil engineering structures.


1.10     Policy and service implementation in relation to parking control.


1.11     Strategic land use, economic and transport planning, including oversight of Local Plan and related documents and processes


1.12     The consideration of briefs for development proposals, including proposals by Cabinet Members and for land subject to disposal for private development.


2.         Resident Services functions:


2.1       Policy and operational matters in relation to the Council’s Residents Services programme to provide high quality telephone, internet and face to face access to a range of services from time to time assigned to the Environment, Leisure and Residents Services Department.


2.2       Policy and service implementation in respect of public conveniences.


2.3       To establish and review appropriate mechanisms for the organisation and management of appropriate entertainments and events in parks and open spaces, including fireworks displays.


2.4       Policy and operational matters in relation to libraries, hiring of civic halls and facilities.

3.         Street Scene functions


3.1       Policy, service implementation and enforcement in respect of street cleansing, refuse collection, recycling, consumer protection, trading standards, street trading, environmental health and public safety, corporate health and safety, pest control, food safety and contaminated land.


3.2       The issuing of notices and enforcement requirements as set out in the Environmental Protection Act.


3.3       Implementation of the Council’s Licensing and Gambling Policies.


3.4       Policy and service implementation in respect of mortuary, burial, cremation and Coroner services.


3.5       The exercise of duties of the Council with respect to Emergency Planning services.


4.         Parks and heritage functions:


4.1       Exercising the Council’s functions in relation to parks and open spaces, including the provision of entertainment, sports, leisure, grounds maintenance and the development of parks and open spaces generally.


4.2       Policy, planning and strategy for parks and open spaces.


4.3       To formulate and implement policies likely to promote the development, preservation and enhancement of parks  within the borough for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.


4.4       Monitoring of the policy, management and development of Fulham Palace.


5.         Function shared with the Cabinet Member for Housing:


5.1       Responsibility to ensure that the neighbourhood wardens tackle anti-social behaviour


6.           Function shared with the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration:


6.1       Compulsory purchase of land for planning purposes.


7.         Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion


7.1       The Authority’s sports strategy.



Note: the Cabinet Member for  Environment, Transport and Residents Services is responsible for:


In conjunction with the Leader:

The Bi-borough Executive Director of Transport and Technical Services

The Bi-Borough Executive Director of Environment, Leisure and Residents Services


In conjunction with all Cabinet Members:

Chief Executive

All Executive Directors


Post is held by