Executive post

Leader of the Council




The Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council is elected by the full Council to provide clear and visible leadership and political accountability for the services and activities covered by their portfolio. The Leader is responsible for all executive functions of the Council and shall determine by means of schemes of delegation or otherwise how these functions are to be discharged.


The Leader has authority to discharge any executive function, or to decide to delegate any executive function to the Executive, or to any other Executive member in accordance with the Responsibilities and Portfolios of the Executive maintained in Part 3 of the Constitution, or to Officers, or to any other authority or any joint arrangements.


Scope of Portfolio


The portfolio covers the following areas:


·         Appointing to and removing from office up to nine Cabinet Members, one of whom shall be appointed Deputy Leader, Lead Members and Cabinet Assistants.


·         Ensuring collective deliberation with Cabinet Members.


·         Representing and acting as ambassador for the Authority and providing community leadership.


·         Fostering and supporting community resilience, including the networks of residents, organisations and businesses that support this.


·         Strategic policy initiatives.


·         The provision of services in respect of electoral and other registration Services.


·         Reports from an independent person designated to investigate allegations of misconduct against the Council's Head of Paid Service.


·         Appointing or nominating and where appropriate removing the Authority’s representatives on appropriate outside bodies, charitable organisations and Council-owned companies and subsidiaries.


·         The development, monitoring and implementation of the Authority's Communication Strategy and the provision of information regarding the Authority’s services.


·         Responsibility for ensuring that that the Council is responsive to the needs of local neighbourhoods and serves them well.


·         Subject to the Council’s Contract Standing Orders, the Leader may (under the “strong Leader model”) take any decision likely to incur savings or expenditure of more than £100,000 if they consider in all the circumstances that it is impracticable to defer the decision until the next scheduled meeting of the Executive (Cabinet). Any such decision shall be taken in compliance with the Access to Information Procedure Rules.


·         Ensuring the delivery of greater value services that seek to improve outcomes and customer services.

·         Promotion of democracy and public engagement.


Delegated Powers


Urgent Decisions

By virtue of section 15(9) of the Local Government Act 2000, the Leader may exercise any Executive Function which has been delegated to the Cabinet or to an individual Cabinet Member or to an Officer.


By convention, the Leader will only exercise such powers where:


·         Deferring the decision until the next meeting of Cabinet would carry such unreasonable risk of damage to the authority or its area that it would be unreasonable to defer the decision until the next meeting of Cabinet.


·         An Officer possessing a delegated power has referred the matter to the Leader for determination.


·         In any case, the Leader has consulted the Deputy Leader and the relevant Cabinet Member(s).

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