Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children and Education


Scope of portfolio


Children’s Services functions:


The role of Director of Children’s Services as designated under Section 19(1) of the Children Act 2004 and described as follows in statutory guidance:

·         Education services - the authority's functions in its capacity as education authority, except those excluded under Section 18(3) of the Act (namely certain functions relating to education, higher education and adult education).

·         social services - the authority's social services functions within the meaning of the Local Authorities Social Services Act 1970 insofar as they relate to children, and the authority's functions in relation to children and young people leaving care.

·         Health services - any health-related functions exercised on behalf of a National Health Service body under Section 75 of the Health Act 2006 insofar as they relate to children.

·         Inter-agency co-operation - the arrangements for the Children's Trust and safeguarding duties set out in the Children Act 2004, in particular leading and building arrangements for inter-agency co-operation.


The above functions incorporate:


The Council's role as 'corporate parent', including assistance to young people up to 24 years who have been looked after 13 weeks beyond their 16th birthday, where circumstances justify


Fostering and adoption services


The Virtual School for Looked after children


Locality Family Support Services


Children's Centres


Setting the overall direction in relation to the Council's funding of, and support to, schools


Children’s Services asset management


The Council's interest in nursery and 'early years' education, learning out of school hours and subsidised and unsubsidised childcare


Commissioning and providing services to young people with disabilities in transition to adulthood


Community Budgeting including the Troubled Families Programme (the Shared Services Family Recovery Programme)


Care Proceeding review


The development, implementation and monitoring of the Authority’s early years’ strategy


Ensuring that the needs of vulnerable children (including young carers) are met.


Partnership working with the National Health Service to promote the interests of children and their families, including decision-making on such matters at the Health and Wellbeing Board


As 'Young People's Champion' furthering the Council’s commitment to the involvement of young people in decision-making processes where appropriate.


Social Services functions:


Meeting the Authority's statutory functions in relation to children under the Children Act 1989, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and other appropriate legislation:

·         Social services to children and young people in need under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

·         The Council's responsibilities towards unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

·         The Council's regulatory duties in relation to children's social services.

·         Ensuring that families with social care needs experience a 'joined-up' service.

·         Developing and monitoring service provision in respect of residential facilities, provided for the care of children.


Responsibility for commissioning and contracting effective and efficient services across children’s services which can achieve real outcomes for residents and service users.


Education functions:


Local schools, including improving education attainment across all state funded schools and the provision of schools of choice.


Plans for new educational provision in the Borough (including academies and free schools).


Schools asset management.


The Council's consultation arrangements with schools, governors, parents and others.


Special education needs (SEN) and education for the talented and gifted.


The Council's interest in school admission and exclusion appeals, including the making of arrangements to determine appeals.


Adult and community education.


Links to industry and business, through education business partnerships and the Young People's Learning Agency.


Appointments to school governing bodies.


The Council's interests in wider educational provision, including provision by the independent sector.


The implementation of the Schools Capital investment programme.


The Council’s responsibility for policy and operation of the Council’s Education transport operation.


The Council's relationship with services for young people offering support and career guidance (or any successor service).


Functions shared with Deputy Leader


The implementation and monitoring of projects and services in relation to the borough’s Youth Offending Team and youth justice matters.


Youth services and its encouragement of other services to young people.


Fostering and supporting community resilience where it relates to young people, and the networks of residents, organisations and businesses that support this.


Sports activities for children and young people in schools.


Determining applications for financial assistance from the Voluntary Sector and Community Organisations within the Borough that fall within this portfolio.


Function shared with the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care


Community transport services.


Function shared with the Cabinet Member for the Environment


The Authority’s sports strategy.


Functions shared with the Cabinet Member for Economy


The Council's relationship with services for young people offering support with entrepreneurial activity and career guidance (or any successor service).


Ensuring opportunities for all by developing economic and social opportunities for disadvantaged young people, including excluded children and care leavers.



Note: The Cabinet Member for Children and Education is responsible for:


In conjunction with the Leader and the Deputy Leader:

The Director for Children’s Services

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