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Stop Through-Traffic on the West of Wandsworth Bridge Road (WBR)

We the undersigned petition the council to Monitor the inevitable traffic build-up on the West side of the WBR that will occur due to the Sands End Traffic Reduction Scheme, and therefore the need to add cameras on Woolneigh, Clancarty, Hugon, Settrington and Peterborough Roads to ensure the success of this scheme in reducing out of borough traffic entering the wider area from Wandsworth Bridge.

During the implementation of the Traffic Reduction Scheme to the East of Wandsworth Bridge Road, the council stated they will monitor the West of WBR although this was only referring to the impact on the Peterborough Estate.

This leaves the 'Toast Rack' and surrounding roads (Hugon & Carnwath) vulnerable to:

Lack of monitoring of streets South of Studdridge Street
Transfer of morning rush-hour traffic from East side of WBR to these roads
Increase of already intolerable evening rush-hour traffic through these roads
Increased danger to pedestrians in this densely populated are of schools due to driver frustration
Increased pollution owing to gridlocked and stand-still traffic in area highly populated with schools and nurseries
Inability of residents to be able to access their vehicles and evacuate in case of emergency
Restricted access to the area by emergency vehicles

This ePetition ran from 19/06/2020 to 12/09/2020 and has now finished.

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