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We the undersigned petition the council to "At high risk of infection, all occupants of G Block petition you to postpone maintenance work until an effective vaccine AND treatment are available for COVID19." In law, occupants who are self isolating are at high risk and must absolutely be shielded. Stringent shielding measures, at much higher standards of protection, are mandatory for occupants sheltering in the safety of their own home. It is our final and ultimate refuge and intimate private space in a raging pandemic. Sadly, the Capital Delivery Manager, in concert with his team and with his associates, deflect our protestations with reference to a completely different category of endangered groups, staff employed on vacant secured construction sites. The studious effort to conceal the distinction between vulnerable inhabitants in intimate personal space, on the one hand, and paid staff employed on vacant outdoor building sites, on the other hand, is felt as contempt for occupant safety.

We are scared that the contagious virus will be introduced onto the estate. The peril hangs over us aggravated by drilling and banging. Noise and dust beaten up by builders, travelling in from outside, torments the vulnerable whether in solitary confinement, or crowded in multi generational family occupancy. Tension and desperation grow at being hemmed in by a suffocating blue barricade that keeps oxygen and fresh air out and blocks sunlight. It is already a pressure cooker on the estate. Two police cars, one police van and and one ambulance were on attendance outside, this Sunday morning, responding to an emergency call following an altercation and smashing glass. There are concerns about domestic tensions erupting. Residents with mental health strained in quarantine feel threatened with being buried alive in an "hermetically sealed" metal coffin.

The virus cannot disperse naturally. It is reflected back by the blue covering onto residents and onto their neighbours.

High noise levels from building works are prohibited on Sundays. Every day is Sunday during quarantine, and during self isolation, so existing noisy dusty works on adjacent buildings that damage mental health, particularly for people who have no escape, must be prohibited entirely unless essential to sustain life.

We call on you to honour your commitment proclaimed on your website: "to work with and for residents".

Stephen, come to meet us. You will see that works must be postponed on G Block. The repairs and redecoration cycle can be extended without jeopardising the condition and fabric of the building. The only agents who can be trusted to make a fair judgment on the safety of the work are the threatened victims. Others, who stand to benefit, underestimate and understate the risk.

You pledge in your vision on the council website to champion "DOING THINGS WITH RESIDENTS, NOT TO THEM". This means instructing the Capital Delivery Manager to postpone his scheme because with it he threatens to transmit disease to G Block.

URGENT. Without your immediate intervention, the Project Manager will execute his plan, just 3 full working days from now, after taking pains to delay notification to OCCUPANTS who were led to believe the works were postponed, and who now feel purposely ambushed by the landlord.

On reaching 1 signatures an officer will investigate the matter further

This ePetition ran from 28/04/2020 to 29/04/2020 and has now finished.

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