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Reopen Harwood Terrace

We the undersigned petition the council to bring an immediate end to the experimental traffic order which has closed a portion of Harwood Terrace (SW6) to through traffic.

The partial closure of Harwood Terrace (SW6) enacted 21.10.2019 has caused SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE to local residents & businesses in Fulham: Increasing time spent in needless traffic on local roads; Increasing the amount of pollution locally caused by thousands of extra idling car engines each day; Harm to local businesses for their staff, deliveries & customers; Unsafe road conditions for all road users due to the actions of frustrated drivers and heavily congested roads; Reduced local bus service provision, worst affecting the most disadvantaged people in society; Reduction in the efficacy of vital local services and emergency services due to congestion on local roads; Financial impediment to local residents being forced through a poorly designed junction & yellow box; Incessant beeping of car horns for residents & businesses close to the top of Bagleys Lane due to driver frustration & fatigue; And much more besides!

This petition asks that LBHF Cabinet invites us to discuss this matter at its next meeting of Cabinet and to hold Councillor Harcourt, the Cabinet Member for the Environment to account for failing to reopen the road despite having received nearly 2000 letters of objection already (more than 1600 from LBHF addresses) and a petition asking him to do so, signed by nearly all businesses based along the Imperial Road; the Wandsworth Bridge Road and The New Kings Road.

We the petitioners recognise that residents of Harwood Terrace have raised their concern at the volume of traffic utilising the road upon which they reside and we support that a solution should be sought for their concerns in due course, if indeed one can be found which doesn't damage the rest of the local area. The closure which currently exists has however caused considerable disruption to the local area and these effects are totally non-commensurate with the problem which it set out to address. Indeed the problem which Harwood Terrace residents outlined to the Council has simply been displaced & worsened for an (at least) equal number of other residents living toward the top of Bagleys Lane and also adds a new problem for thousands more residents and road users.

This ePetition ran from 23/12/2019 to 02/01/2020 and has now finished.

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