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Solo motorcycle bay on Chaldon Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Create a solo motorcycle bay with security ground anchors on Chaldon Road (SW6)

The request is on grounds that there are enough motorcycles parked on this street to use in full a motorcycle bay. Even during day hours as not all neighbours use their motorcycles for commuting and there is enough activity in the area related to the nearby services and shops. The request is also to benefit a more efficient use of car parking spaces where as parking evolves during a day, we have in many instances a motorcycle using a space that could be better used by a car (while a smaller more appropriate space for a motorcycle is available somewhere else on the same street). This would mitigate what is already a difficult street to park on, due to density of car owners. The request for anchors relates to the high level of motorcycle theft on this particular street (the undersigned being affected by two motorcycle thefts in the space of 30 days - with the cost to insurance and time committed by the police to deal with the cases). You can see the number of chains already locked onto street furniture and lamp posts which cannot always be used when a car parks in front of it. A solo motorcycle bay will: i) improve parking availability for all residents regardless of being motorcycle users, ii) will reduce insurance costs for the residents (and avoid increased costs), iii) release police time for more important issues and iv) reduce crime in the area; which from motorcycle theft has creeped onto break-ins to houses due to the perceived vulnerability of the location.

This ePetition ran from 27/09/2019 to 28/11/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Mr Limpenny,

Thank you for your recent petition to install a solo motorcycle parking bay in Chaldon Road.

We appreciate some residents may find it difficult to locate secure parking for their PTWs on-street, but is must also be acknowledged that it is often challenging to find suitable locations for dedicated PTW bays in residential streets with a need to balance the high demand for residents’ permit holder parking.

Therefore, to ensure requests for dedicated motorcycle parking bays are given due consideration the council adopts the following feasibility matrix when considering such requests.

1. There must be demonstrated support, from at least 10 households in a chosen road, for the introduction of dedicated motorcycle parking facilities.

2. There is sufficient capacity (parking stress below 80%) to accommodate a dedicated motorcycle-only bay without adversely impacting on residents parking availability and the installation of said motorcycle-only bay would unquestionably result in increased parking efficiency for all road users during controlled parking hours.

3. The location has a permanently high demand for kerb-side motorcycle parking throughout controlled parking zone hours.

4. The proposed motorcycle-only parking bay would not obstruct the highway. On this occasion the request has not met the first 2 feasibility criteria and therefore we are unable to progress further with this request. Our justifications for this decision being:

a. The low response rate of 6 households does not demonstrate there is sufficient support for motorcycle parking facilities, and
b. Chaldon Road suffers extremely high parking stress (often above 90%) indicating there is no capacity to replace residents parking in favour of dedicated motorcycle parking.

To ensure efficient use of road space and to avoid occupying residential frontages, the preferred location for motorcycle-only bays is at the end of roads. This creates considerable risk that motorcyclists will continue to park outside or very close to their properties resulting in an underutilisation of the bays coupled with reduced residents’ parking capacity. This view was reinforced by findings from an online consultation in 2018 that sought to better understand how residents and visitors viewed the motorcycle parking arrangements in H&F and what measures the council could take to improve the experience.

The majority of respondents (55%) did not want any change in H&F’s motorcycle parking arrangements, with analysis of the comments suggesting that the majority of motorcycle owners are satisfied with current arrangements, preferring to park directly outside or very close to their own property.

The council do, however, recognise that motorcycle take up less space and cause less congestion than cars. It is for these reason’s motorcycles continue to be allowed to park for free in all shared use and pay and display bays in the borough.

I hope that this response is helpful and you can understand our justifications for not proceeding with your request on this occasion.