Paper petition details

Petition against any further extension of Pipa- Pop-ins and Millie’s House existing school premises.

Petition against the intensification of use/ or extension of existing premises, increasing the number of pupils at Pippa Pop-ins and Millie’s’ House and/ or the establishment of any other childcare facility/ school along 163-171 New Kings Road, Chipstead street and Quarrendon Street.

We hereby petition against any further extension of Pippa Pop-ins and Millie's House existing school premises either by addition of adjacent residential or commercial properties including converted flats, houses, garages and/or their amenities.

On reaching 1 signatures an officer will investigate the matter further

This Paper petition ran from 05/11/2018 to 05/02/2019 and has now finished.

113 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

This petition is excluded from the petition scheme as it applies to a planning application where there are already procedures to make representation.

The petition was received and logged as an objection on the planning database & document management system on the 9th November 2018.