Leader's Urgent Decisions and Cabinet Member Decisions

This page contains a comprehensive record of all Leader's Urgent Decisions. It also shows Cabinet Members' Decisions from December 2016 onwards. To search for earlier Cabinet Members' Decisions click on Search Committee Documents then filter by committee, choosing the 'Cabinet Members' Decisions' option.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Upgrade Of Careline Service's Community Alarm Monitoring System To A Digital Platform: Exempt Aspects (E) ref: 353809/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
West King Street Renewal: Exempt Aspects (E) ref: 353709/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
West Kensington And Gibbs Green Neighbourhood Plan Area And Forum Designation ref: 353609/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Housing Revenue Account 2017/18 Outturn ref: 353209/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Capital Programme Monitor & Budget Variations, 2017/18 (Outturn) ref: 352809/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Hammersmith & Fulham Council Business Plan 2018-2022 ref: 352709/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
West King Street Renewal ref: 353309/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Ark Conway Primary Academy School - Section 278 Highway Works ref: 353409/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
2017/18 Corporate Revenue Outturn Report ref: 352909/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Treasury Outturn Report 2017/18 ref: 352609/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Self-Service & Associated Software Procurement ref: 353009/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Appropriation of Watermeadow Court and Edith Summerskill House ref: 353109/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Upgrade Of Careline Service's Community Alarm Monitoring System To A Digital Platform ref: 353509/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in