Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Early intervention link worker support for children and young people 17/05/2019For Determination24/05/2019
Reprocurement of Mosaic for Adults and Children's Social Care03/05/2019For Determination07/10/2019
Housing Revenue Account 2018/19 Outturn03/05/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Alternative Ecological Mitigation Design Consultants Procurement03/05/2019For Determination03/06/2019
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2018/19 (OUTTURN)03/05/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Asset Management Compliance Strategy and Capital Programme03/05/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Housing Strategy 201903/05/2019For Determination07/10/2019
CORPORATE REVENUE MONITOR 2019-20 MONTH 4 31ST JULY03/05/2019For Determination04/11/2019
CORPORATE REVENUE MONITOR 2019-20 MONTH 3 30TH JUNE03/05/2019For Determination07/10/2019
CORPORATE REVENUE MONITORING 2019/20 MONTH 2 - 31ST MAY03/05/2019For Determination02/09/2019
2018-19 CORPORATE REVENUE OUTTURN REPORT03/05/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Award of Design and Build contract for 43 Beavor Lane and 145 King Street relating to the West King Street Renewal Decant Programme30/04/2019UrgentFor Determination13/05/2019
Extension of Enhanced Policing Contract24/04/2019For Determination08/05/2019
FUNDING AGREEMENTS WITH GLA01/04/2019For Determination03/06/2019
Healthy Lifestyles Service Procurement Strategy01/04/2019For Determination07/10/2019
Nourish Refurbishment Works01/04/2019For Determination01/07/2019
REGULATION OF INVESTIGATORY POWERS (RIPA)01/04/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Planning Obligations Draw Down Report22/03/2019For Determination01/07/2019
Approval for Contract with Capital Letters for procuring more accommodation- Reducing Temporary Accommodation Costs01/03/2019For Determination03/06/2019
CARNWATH ROAD / THAMES PATH IMPROVEMENT SCHEME01/03/2019For Determination03/06/2019
Counters Creek Flood Alleviation Scheme01/03/2019For Determination03/06/2019
Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Last-Mile Freight Hub01/02/2019For Determination07/10/2019
Highway Maintenance Work Programme 2019/2024/01/2019For Determination02/09/2019
Rough Sleeper Supported Accommodation Procurement Strategy24/01/2019For Determination02/12/2019
School Organisation Strategy 201924/01/2019For Determination07/10/2019
White City Estate Sustainable Urban Drainage & Streetscape Improvement Scheme On The Public Highway24/01/2019For Determination03/06/2019
Leader's Urgent Decision - Waiver of contracts standing orders and direct award of contract to Agilisys for the provision of daytime Contact Centre services24/10/2018For DeterminationBefore 31/10/2018
Community Asset Transfer04/09/2018For Determination01/07/2019
Offsite Records Storage Service10/08/2018For Determination07/10/2019
Leader's Urgent Decision - PROCUREMENT OF PROPERTY AGENT: Proposed interim relocation of Offices from Hammersmith Town Hall and Extension10/01/2018UrgentFor Determination01/2018
Leader's Urgent Decision - FIRE SAFETY & ACCELERATION PROGRAMME15/12/2017For DeterminationNot before 27/10/2017
Leader's Urgent Decision - Community Advice and Legal Support Services03/11/2017For Determination14/12/2017
Corporate Property Services Framework19/05/2017For Determination07/10/2019