This page contains a comprehensive record of all Leader's Urgent Decisions, Cabinet Decisions, and Officer Decisions. It also shows Cabinet Members' Decisions from December 2016 onwards. To search for earlier Cabinet Members' Decisions click on Search Committee Documents then filter by committee, choosing the 'Cabinet Members' Decisions' option.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Approval To Establish Prototype Ward Action Groups ref: 395417/12/201817/12/2018Not for call-in
Leader's Urgent Decision - Hammersmith & Fulham's response to the climate emergency ref: 395314/08/201919/08/2019Call-in expired
Appealing the Decision to Dismiss the Legal Challenge to the National Policy Statement on Heathrow Expansion ref: 395123/05/201923/05/2019Not for call-in
Re-Thinking Business Continuity – A Proposal For A More Efficient And Dynamic Approach For Our Services ref: 394912/03/201912/03/2019Not for call-in
Enjoining in a Legal Challenge over Heathrow Expansion ref: 395006/08/201906/08/2019Not for call-in
Additional Expenditure and Variation for Upgrade of Careline’s Community Alarm Service to a Digital Platform ref: 394830/05/201930/05/2019Not for call-in
Direct Award – Mental Health Peer Support Service ref: 394725/09/201825/09/2018Not for call-in
Fire Wardens at Edward Woods Estate ref: 394601/08/201901/08/2019Not for call-in