This page contains a comprehensive record of all Leader's Urgent Decisions, Cabinet Decisions, and Officer Decisions. It also shows Cabinet Members' Decisions from December 2016 onwards. To search for earlier Cabinet Members' Decisions click on Search Committee Documents then filter by committee, choosing the 'Cabinet Members' Decisions' option.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Procurement Strategy: Renewal of Electrical Rising and Lateral Mains to Multiple Blocks ref: 423510/01/202114/01/2021Call-in expired
To appoint Lift & Engineering Services for lift repair and replacement at 4 locations ref: 423608/01/202114/01/2021Call-in expired
Approval of Novation of a contract from Arqiva Limited to On Tower UK Limited ref: 423305/01/202111/01/2021Call-in expired
Approval of the Procurement Strategy for lift repair and replacement at 4 locations ref: 423405/01/202111/01/2021Call-in expired
Disposal of Land - Watermeadow Court, Watermeadow Lane, London, SW6 2RW ref: 423004/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Update to collaboration agreement for Children's Social Care ref: 422704/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Contract award for major refurbishment works to Maystar estate W14 ref: 422904/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Council Tax Support Scheme 21/22 ref: 422104/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Council Tax Base and Collection Rate 2021-22 and Delegation of the Business Rate Estimate ref: 422204/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Procurement Strategy for Travel Care Taxi Services ref: 422604/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Procurement Strategy for School Meals ref: 422804/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Capital Programme Monitor & Budget Variations, 2020/21 (Second Quarter) ref: 422304/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Hartopp Point & Lannoy Point Site - New Council Homes ref: 423104/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Defend Council Homes Policy ref: 422504/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired
Rough Sleeping Services Procurement Strategy ref: 421704/01/202108/01/2021Call-in expired