Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Refuge Direct Award21/01/2021For Determination18/02/2021
Special Educational Needs and Disability – Procurement Strategy for the Information, Advice and Support Service and the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Service21/01/2021For Determination18/02/2021
Direct Award to Incumbent Substance Misuse Service Providers20/01/2021For Determination02/2021
Approval of the Procurement Strategy for the selection of a contractor19/01/2021For Determination02/2021
Supported Accommodation Contract modification18/01/2021For DeterminationBefore 19/02/2021
Housing Strategy 202103/05/2019For Determination19/04/2021
Procurement Strategy and Contract Award Approval – ORCS Electric Vehicle Charge Points11/01/2021For Determination16/02/2021
Procurement Strategy for Violence Against Women & Girls services06/01/2021For DeterminationBefore 04/02/2021
Archives Relocation05/01/2021For Determination02/02/2021
FSS Framework Extension 2021/2218/12/2020For Determination31/01/2021
Caretakers Lodges Project18/12/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy for complex void properties16/12/2020For Determination01/2021
Treasury Management Mid-Year Review Report14/12/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Contract Award for Banking Services14/12/2020For Determination01/2021
Contract Award, Edward Woods external wall safety works21/12/2020For Determination01/2021
Improving private sector housing through discretionary property licensing21/12/2020For Determination01/03/2021
Report to Request a Re-Purposing of the Stock Condition Capital Budget for IHMS16/12/2020For Determination19/04/2021
Hammersmith & Fulham Modern Slavery Strategy04/12/2020For Determination10/05/2021
Approval of Queensmill Special School academy conversion03/12/2020For Determination19/04/2021
Treasury Management Strategy Statement30/11/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Direct Award to Incumbent Substance Misuse Service Providers26/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy for Mental Health Supported Housing20/02/2020For Determination10/05/2021
Lillie Road Site - Control Team Procurement Strategy05/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy for 0-19 Public Health Nursing Services26/11/2020For Determination01/02/2021
The Housing Revenue Account 2021/22 Budget and Rent Increase25/11/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Lillie Road Site - Control Team Award Report05/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Lillie Road Site - Design Team Award Report05/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Lillie Road Site - Design Team Procurement Strategy05/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Corporate Revenue Monitor Month 9 - 31st December 202025/11/2020For Determination19/04/2021
Extension of Incumbent Homecare Contracts04/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator bid04/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy – Dry to Wet Riser Conversion Works in Six (6) Blocks03/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy: Stock Condition Surveys02/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Third Sector Investment Fund Budget and Allocation30/10/2020For Determination01/03/2021
Day Opportunities Contract awards30/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Contract extension for Floating Support Service30/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Community Equipment Call Off Extension Report29/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy for Young People and Care Leavers Supported Housing28/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Managed services for temporary agency resources - approval to utilise previously agreed one year extension26/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy - Remedial and Safety Enhancement Works at Edward Woods Estate23/10/2020For Determination19/04/2021
Farm Lane Site - Contract Award for Control Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Farm Lane Site - Procurement Strategy for Control Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Farm Lane Site - Procurement Strategy for Design Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Mund Street Site - Contract Award for Control Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Mund Street Site - Procurement Strategy for Control Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Farm Lane Site - Contract Award for Design Team23/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Mund Street Site - Procurement Strategy for Design Team22/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Mund Street Site - Contract Award for Design Team22/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Approval to commit and draw down Section 106 receipts to fund economic development activity for financial year 2021/2221/10/2020For Determination19/04/2021
MFD Reprocurement15/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Policing and Crime Commission Final Report13/10/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Climate and Ecological Emergency – Expansion of Lamp Column Electric Vehicle Charge Points12/10/2020For DeterminationBefore 18/01/2021
Third Sector Investment Fund12/10/2020For Determination01/2021
Immediate Schools Capital Programme of Works to March 202109/10/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Procurement Strategy for DLO Materials Supplier18/09/2020For Determination01/2021
VAWG Services Award Report11/09/2020For Determination01/2021
Contract Award, Maystar Estate Refurbishment01/09/2020For Determination01/2021
Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Cabinet Report26/08/2020For Determination19/04/2021
CAPITAL PROGRAMME MONITOR & BUDGET VARIATIONS, 2020/21 (THIRD QUARTER)25/08/2020For Determination01/02/2021
FOUR YEAR CAPITAL PROGRAMME 2021/22 AND CAPITAL STRATEGY 2021/2225/08/2020For Determination01/02/2021
Approval to agree contract with Family support Service (FSS)19/08/2020For Determination01/2021
Contract Extensions on Family Support (FS) Framework19/08/2020For Determination01/2021
Rough Sleeping Services Contract Awards17/08/2020For Determination01/2021
Emlyn Gardens - Adults with disabilities supported living procurement strategy28/07/2020For Determination01/2021
Replacement of Spandrel Panels (Medium and Low Risk Properties)27/07/2020For Determination01/2021
Proposals for the Noise and Nuisance team’s revised service hours25/06/2020For Determination01/2021
Procurement Strategy for Land and Property System28/05/2020For Determination01/2021
Egyptian House - new housing and community facilities21/05/2020For Determination01/2021
Highways Planned Maintenance Programme 2020-2112/05/2020For Determination01/2021
Centrepoint Contract for Care Leavers Accommodation29/04/2020For Determination01/2021
Education City - Land Appropriation30/04/2020For Determination19/04/2021
Call-off Contract Extensions for Semi-Independent Living Support Providers29/04/2020For Determination01/2021
Annual Highways Maintenance Programme18/03/2020For Determination01/2021
Banking Services Procurement Strategy05/11/2019For Determination01/2021
Procurement strategy in relation to the procurement of books and audio materials for the libraries via a framework agreement04/11/2019For Determination01/2021