Issue - decisions

Changes to Scheme of Allocation and Allocation process

13/10/2020 - Approve Proposed Changes To The Council's Housing Scheme Of Allocations

To approve the following changes to the Housing Allocation Scheme:


1.    Change the way social housing is allocated by introducing an online digital housing platform.


2.    Allow qualifying households to remain or join the housing register when assisted into the Private Rented Sector via our Homelessness Service.


3.    Lower the community contribution threshold for Disabled people.


4.    Make an exception to the local residency qualification so that young people are not disadvantage by time spent outside the borough to access SEN services.


5.    Ring fence properties which have been adapted or are suitable for adaption for disabled households.


6.    Give additional priority for young people ready for move-on from Care by increasing their priority award to Band 1 and increase the annual quota for Children Leaving Care from 30 to 40 housing lets.


7.    That local Lettings Plans be put in place automatically to give local residents priority for all new social housing developments.