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Leader's Urgent Decision - Hammersmith Bridge Options Report

08/11/2019 - Leader's Urgent Decision - Hammersmith Bridge Options Report

The Leader is recommended to approve:


1.1.         The option recommended as a result of the feasibility report which is to restore Hammersmith Bridge to its previous level of operation of allowing motor traffic up to 7.5 tonnes and two single decker buses in each direction (and future proofed for heavier electric buses) subject to funds being made available to carry out the works.


1.2.         That the Council enter into an agreement with TfL for it to carry out preliminary works on all four pedestals to investigate micro cracks found and for the development of a concept design for more major works.


1.3.         A waiver of the provisions of Contract Standing Order 10 (pursuant to CSO 3) concerning the usual tendering requirements for services contracts, in relation to the requirement to purchase specialist construction insurance for the preliminary works, on the grounds that the nature of the services to be provided have been investigated and demonstrated to be such that a departure from CSO 10 is justifiable.


1.4.         The award of contracts for the purchase of specialist construction insurance contracts for the preliminary works by means of an Owner Controlled Insurance Programme (OCIP) placed by the Council’s insurance brokers, Marsh JLT Specialty Ltd, on the Council’s behalf, at a total cost £139,206.48



1.5.         A waiver of the usual requirements of contract standing order 19.5.1 (pursuant to CSO3) for contracts worth in excess of £100,000 to be sealed as a deed, to enable the contracts referred to in the previous recommendation to be entered into by the issue of a policy document in accordance with standard industry practice, on the grounds that this is in the overall interest of the Council.