Public Services Reform Policy and Accountability Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


Members: 5 voting Councillors


Quorum: 3 Members of the Committee


Political proportionality:

4 Administration Members

1 Opposition Members


Co-opted Members: Up to 5 non-voting members



Principal Functions

All the powers of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee as set out in section 21 of the Local Government Act 2000 and Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, and in particular:

·       To develop policy within the scope of the Committee and make recommendations to the Cabinet

·       Monitor the administration and spending in services within its scope

·       To review the impact of decisions and policies implemented by the Council

·       Lead responsibility for scrutinising the relevant Cabinet Member(s)



To monitor the policy, administration and spending of:

·       The commissioning, business intelligence, policy, performance, and organisational transformation functions of the Public Services Reform department

·       The Council’s continuous improvement and cultural change agenda

·       The Family Support Service

·       All human resources and organisation development functions

·       The Council’s customer care and complaints services

·       Community engagement, consultation and empowerment activities

·       The development, implementation and operation of the governance, structure and processes in respect of joint working with other authorities, save for matters within specific service areas which fall within the remit of other PACs

·       Any other matter allocated by the Finance, Commercial Revenue and Contracts PAC


Contact information

Support officer: David Abbott. Email:

Phone: 07776 672877