Health, Inclusion and Social Care Policy and Accountability Committee

Purpose of committee

Principal Functions

·               To discharge functions under the Health and Social Care Act 2001

·               To discharge any functions under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and any subsequent regulations

·               To develop policy within the scope of the Committee and make recommendations to the Cabinet

·               Monitor the administration and spending in services within its scope

·               To review the impact of decisions and policies implemented by the Council

·               Lead responsibility for scrutinising the relevant Cabinet Member(s).



·               health of both children and adults (including public health)

·               the provision, maintenance and improvement of primary and acute NHS services in the borough

·               the provision of mental health services in the borough

·               adult social care services in the borough, including the exercise of statutory responsibilities in relation to the scrutiny of health as set out in Article 6 and also the voluntary and community sector

·               the Council’s equalities and diversity programmes and support for vulnerable groups.

·               Council and other out-of-school services for youth in the Borough

·               the Council’s Voluntary Sector strategy

·               increasing access to opportunity in all aspects of social and economic life in the borough

·               other policies and initiatives supporting social inclusion in the borough

·               any other matter allocated by the Finance & Delivery PAC


Contact information

Support officer: Bathsheba Mall. Email: