The Economy, Housing and the Arts Policy and Accountability Committee

Purpose of committee

Principal Functions

·            To develop policy within the scope of the Committee and make recommendations to the Cabinet

·            Monitor the administration and spending in services within its scope

·            To review the impact of decisions and policies implemented by the Council

·            Lead responsibility for scrutinising the relevant Cabinet Member(s).



To monitor the policy, administration and spending of all aspects of:

·            The local economy

·            Housing (including privately owned, council, housing association, sheltered and supported housing)

·            Support for local businesses and high streets, including the ability of local businesses and the voluntary and community sector to procure from the Council and the Council's suppliers

·            Local employment opportunities

·            Regeneration and renewal of deprived areas

·            Provision of homes for local residents

·            Adult education

·            Arts and cultural services

·            Libraries

·            any other matter allocated by the Finance & Delivery PAC



Contact information

Support officer: Charles Francis. Email: