Community Safety and Environment Policy and Accountability Committee

Purpose of committee

Principal Functions

·            To discharge of the functions and responsibilities of a Crime and Disorder Committee in accordance with section 19 of the Police and Justice Act 2006 and regulations made under section 20 of the Act.

·            To discharge of functions contained in S.9FH of Schedule 2 to the Localism Act 2011 to review and scrutinise the exercise by flood risk management authorities of flood risk management functions which may affect the local authority’s area

·            To develop policy within the scope of the Committee and make recommendations to the Cabinet

·            Monitor the administration and spending in services within its scope

·            To review the impact of decisions and policies implemented by the Council

·            Lead responsibility for scrutinising the relevant Cabinet Member(s)



·           transport, including roads maintenance, other transport infrastructure

·           parking policy, traffic management and the relationship with TfL.

·            planning policy and performance and the impact of developments on transport infrastructure and the environment.

·           the local environment

·           Street Scene

·           parks and open spaces

·           recycling and environmental sustainability

·           waste disposal, street cleansing, refuse collection,

·           cemeteries

·           biodiversity

·           quality of life

·           community safety

·           tackling anti-social behaviour

·           licensing and gambling.

·           neighbourhood governance

·           any other matter referred by the Finance & Delivery PAC


Note: Planning decisions cannot be scrutinised



Contact information

Support officer: Amrita White. Tel: 07776672845

Phone: 07776672845