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2 Hyde Mews 163 Dailing Road London W6 0ES, Ravenscourt Park 2018/03985/FUL


Please see the Addendum attached to the minutes which amended the report.


The Committee heard several representations from residents in objection to the application. A number of points were raised and included: during the construction phase, the basement excavation would cause harm to trees in neighbouring gardens on Wingate Road (as suggested by the independent arboreal report). The construction phase would result in noise, dust and traffic disruption. Increased traffic movements would be a hazard to pedestrians and schoolchildren.


Three immediate neighbours would be affected by the construction of the swimming pool, including one neighbour who used a garden office. There was a possibility that without significant buttressing, there could be land slippage during the excavation phase. Further points included: that the development of a large swimming pool was undesirable and inappropriate in a residential community. The proposal would result in a loss of existing and potential accommodation, and could be used as a precedent by future developers.


The Committee heard a representation from the Applicant. A number of points were raised which included: in relation to the roots of trees in neighbouring gardens, the council's Arboricultural Officer had advised that, given the subject property's existing rear extension adjoining the party wall, it was unlikely that any trees close to the boundary would have significant roots underneath it. To mitigate these concerns, the Applicant stated that a condition could be applied which recommended hand excavation to a depth of 1.5 metres, so that any roots that were encountered could be cleanly severed, thus preventing damage to the trees.


Further points included: with regards to the construction phase, underpinning techniques would be used to ensure no land slippage occurred. The proposed lightwells were modest and would not be visible from the street and finally, the Council permitted this form of development as it was within the footprint of the existing dwelling.


The Committee heard a representation in objection to the application from Councillor Jonathan Caleb-Landy, Ward Councillor for Ravenscourt Park.


During the course of discussions, the Committee explored a number of issues including, whether Council officers had seen the independent  arboricultural report, the duration of the planned works and the likely disruption caused by the excavation and construction phases.


Councillor Alex Karmel proposed that condition 3 be amended  to include the requirement that the Council’s arboricultural Officer inspect the roots at the early excavation /  hand digging stages to ensure the trees at Wingate Road properties were not affected by the excavation process. This was seconded by Councillor Matt Thorley.


The Committee voted on application 2018/03985/FUL and whether to agree the proposed amendment of condition 3 from Councillor Alex Karmel, officer recommendations of approval and changes set out in the addendum. This was put to the vote and the result was as follows:


Officer Recommendation 1:






Not Voting:



Officer Recommendation 2:






Not Voting:





Planning Application 2018/03985/FUL be approved, subject to:



1.     To resolve that the Strategic Director, The Economy be authorised to determine the application and grant permission subject to the condition(s) listed below.


2.     To authorise the Strategic Director, The Economy, after consultation with the Director of Law and the Chair of the Planning and Development Control Committee to make any minor changes to the proposed conditions or heads of terms of the legal agreement, any such changes shall be within their discretion.




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