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Minutes of the meeting and matters arising

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 October 2018 – and note any matters arising.


Implementation of the new HR and Payroll System

Mark Grimley (Director for Corporate Services) gave an update on the new HR and Payroll system that replaced BT Agresso. There had been a successful launch in December. Change management and data cleansing had gone better than expected. The first pay run was fully compliant -  except for 5 staff (which was better than the previous supplier had ever achieved). Due to the successful implementation the intensive support period had been closed early and the project overall came in £500k under budget. There was a better adoption rate for the new channel and self-service. The system had a satisfaction rate of 97 percent 'good' or above.


There was still a lot to do in relation to remediation and there was a team dedicated to that. A programme board was in place to get to the end of the tax year.


Councillor Guy Vincent congratulated officers on the successful implementation. He then asked if the pensions arrangements had been as successful. Mark Grimley said IBC (the new supplier) were confident the correct pensions deductions were being made. Progress on transferring the pension scheme from Surrey County Council would be reported to the next Pensions Sub-Committee.


Councillor PJ Murphy asked if the correct payments had been made to pensioners. Mark Grimley said the pensioner payroll had completed with 100 percent accuracy. Councillor Murphy asked Mark to thank the team on behalf of the Committee.


The Staff Survey

The Chair asked for an update on the staff survey and any findings to date. Mark Grimley said the figures had recently gone to SLT and HR were now preparing a pack that would be reported back to members. He noted that the survey contained no surprises – it was clear that staff wanted to see more investment in development, staff care about the work they do and care about the borough. There were issues around leadership and management and there are programmes in place to deal with these points. Another area of focus was wellbeing and HR were thinking about how to support staff with new ways of working coming shortly. Mark Grimley said he could report back with an action plan and the results of the survey to a future meeting.


Councillor PJ Murphy asked if the leadership development programmes were being funded by the apprenticeship levy. Mark Grimley said they partly were – and also through internal promotions.


Family Support

Lisa Redfern (Strategic Director for Social Care and Public Services Reform) noted that, since the last meeting an improvement board had been put in place with CLCH and Family Support. There were significant improvements with CLCH and officers were now proposing to keep them as provider until 2021. There was no appetite to move that function to Family Support at this stage. Anita Parkin was working on a review of Family Support.


Councillor Guy Vincent said there was still a question over the original concept for Family Support, especially given the CLCH contract was not moving over to it. Lisa Redfern said officers were not ready to make a decision about the future of the service. They were regularly reviewing progress with Councillors Adam Connell, Larry Culhane, and Ben Coleman (Cabinet Members for Public Services Reform, Children's Services, and Health and Adult Social Care respectively).


Councillor Christabel Cooper asked why opinion had changed on CLCH delivering the service. Was the Council accepting a lower level of service because they waived a big increase in contract fees? Lisa Redfern said there wasn't sufficient contract management in place before. The Council should have been tightly monitoring the impact to ensure high quality services. Anita Parkin (Director of Public Health) added that the Council had a much more targeted Public Health function now and could properly monitor the contract.


Councillor PJ Murphy asked when the original contract was put in place. Anita Parkin said the contract was 'lifted and shifted' from the NHS in 2015. At that time the lead authority was Westminster City Council as part of the tri-borough arrangements. Councillor Murphy noted his concerns that so many contracts from that time hadn't had the required rigour.


The Chair asked for an update on this situation at the next meeting.


ACTION: Lisa Redfern / Anita Parkin


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a correct record and were signed by the Chair.

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