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Nomad Café, 2B Thorpebank Road, London, W12 0PQ (Application Number: 2012/01701/LAPR)

Application for a new Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003.


The Sub-Committee received and considered an application for a new premises licence at Nomad Café, 2B Thorpebank Road, London, W12 0PQ.


Main Points Of Evidence


Licensing Officer


Adrian Overton, Licensing Officer, introduced the application. He said that the Police and Environmental Protection had made representations to the application, but that the applicant had accepted the conditions proposed by both parties. As a result, the Police and Environmental Protection had withdrawn their representations. Four other parties had objected to the application, with one of the  parties now withdrawing their representation, though stating that the level of noise was still a concern..


The Chairman asked if the premises had previously held a licence. Mr Overton said that it had not.


The Chairman asked about the way in which the premises had been advertised. Mr Overton said that there were concerns regarding the advertising of the application and as a result, the 28 day consultation period was extended.  He is satisfied that the amended site adverts were displayed correctly, during the extended consultation period.


The Chairman asked about the garden space. Mr Overton said that the space was at the front of the premises surrounded by a wall and adjacent to the pavement, and the café was entered through it.


The Chairman noted the premises’ relative proximity to the Queens Park Rangers Football Stadium Loftus Road, and the lack of standard match day conditions in the operating schedule. Mr Overton said that no match day conditions had been suggested or agreed.


Councillor Cartwright said that the operating schedule seemed thin, and expressed concern that the premises might attract away football fans. He noted the requirement for alcohol to be served with food, but recalled that this had been the subject of abuse at other licensed premises


Robert Mulholland, applicant, said that the premises interpreted food as a main meal, with each customer expected to purchase one.


Dom Stagg, Environmental Protection, was asked whether the premises had any history of complaints. Mr Stagg said that none had been received, though the premises had been the subject of two previously refused planning applications. He said that he was happy that the applicant has agreed to the proposed conditions and that the fact that some of the representations made in respect of the premises licence had not been withdrawn was not a significant concern to Environmental Health.




Mr Mulholland, applicant, said that the premises planned to serve only wine and beer, and would insist that a main meal was purchased and consumed with any alcohol purchase on match days. He said that the premises intended to run as a local family café/restaurant, serving bistro style food: he said that current meals included meat and pasta main dishes priced from £5.50-£7.50. He said the premises would use the outside space as a seated area for people eating at the premises, which would be closed from 9pm and would only hold 12 people.


In response to a question from the Chairman, he said that plants would further dampen the noise, and reiterated that the building was the first on the street.


The Chairman asked Mr Mulholland about his experience of working in licensed premises. He said that he had worked as an assistant manager at a wine bar in Exeter and had managed Jackson’s Wine Bar in Ealing for one year. During this time he had introduced firm policies on issues such as under age drinking, training of staff and customers leaving.


The Chairman asked what his involvement would be in the premises. He said that he would be at the premises 6 days a week (the premises are closed on Monday), as presently, and clear policies would be established.


Summing Up


No further points were made.


The Sub-Committee retired at 10.41am and returned at 10.52am



The panel unanimously agreed to grant the application in part; with all conditions proposed by Environmental Health and the Police to apply.


Full reasons for decision are contained in the decision letter which accompanies these minutes.


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