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Cabinet Members' Decisions

This page lists the meetings for Cabinet Members' Decisions.

  • 13 Jan 2017 - Agenda, Decisions; Decisions made in December 2016
  • 4 Jan 2017 - Agenda, Decisions; Decision made in October 2016

Information about Cabinet Members' Decisions

Single Cabinet Members' Decisions (CMD) are decisions which are taken by individual Cabinet Members for responsibilities which fall within their portfolios and the project expenditure do not exceed £100,000.  These decisions are effective immediately after they have been signed off by the relevant Cabinet Member.


Please note that the date of each individual decision is contained within the Cabinet Member Report and decision sheet.   The reports have been published as a pack for administrative purposes only.  The Council does not hold Individual Cabinet Member meetings.


This page contains all CMD published since October 2012.


To search for Cabinet Members’ Decisions from May 2006 until September 2012 please click on Committee and Cabinet Members' Decisions and on “Advanced options” and filter it by Committee by choosing the "Cabinet Members' Decisions" option.