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Planning and Development Control Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning and Development Control Committee.


Information about Planning and Development Control Committee

The Planning and Development Control Committee determines applications for planning permission – including consents for works to listed buildings and properties in conservation areas – and authorises enforcement notices. The committee meets monthly and is open to the public.


Agendas and minutes

You can view the meeting papers by clicking browse meetings and agendas for this committee. Decisions can be found in the minutes of the meetings.


Questions about an application

If you have questions about a planning application, please contact the Planning Applications Team - Tel: 020 8753 1081


Speaking at the meeting

Only the applicant or their agent and people who have commented on the application as part of the planning consultation process in support or against will be permitted to speak at the meeting.


Registering to speak

You must be registered to speak before addressing the committee. To register please send – your name, address, phone number, the application you wish to speak on, whether you are speaking for or against, and whether you are the applicant or an agent – to:


The deadlines for registering to speak are listed below.


Meeting date

Deadline to register to speak

10 June 2019

Weds – 5 June by 4pm

2 July 2019

Thurs – 27 June by 4pm

3 Sept 2019

Thurs – 29 Aug by 4pm

15 Oct 2019

Thurs – 10 Oct by 4pm

5 Nov 2019

Thurs – 31 Oct by 4pm

3 Dec 2019

Thurs – 28 Nov by 4pm

7 Jan 2020

Thurs – 2 Jan by 4pm

4 Feb 2020

Thurs – 30 Jan by 4 pm

3 Mar 2020

Thurs – 27 Feb by 4pm

21 Apr 2020

Thurs – 16 Apr by 4pm


For further information on speaking at planning please read the public speaking at Planning and Development Control Committee Protocol.


More information

You can read a more detailed explanation of the committee’s terms of reference, responsibilities, and membership structure in the Council’s constitution.