Agenda and minutes

Community Safety and Environment Policy and Accountability Committee - Monday, 7th July, 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: White City Community Centre, India Way, White City, W12 7QT

Contact: Craig Bowdery  020 8753 2278

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Councillor Larry Culhane welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Community, Safety, Environment & Residents Services PAC.


Apologies for absence


There were no apologies for absence.


Declarations of interest

If a Committee member has any prejudicial or personal interest in a particular item they should declare the existence and nature of the interest at the commencement of the consideration of that item or as soon as it becomes apparent.


At meetings where members of the public are allowed to be in attendance and speak, any Councillor with a prejudicial interest may also make representations, give evidence or answer questions about the matter. The Councillor must then withdraw immediately from the meeting before the matter is discussed and any vote taken unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Standards Committee.


Where Members of the public are not allowed to be in attendance, then

the Councillor with a prejudicial interest should withdraw from the meeting whilst the matter is under consideration unless the disability has been removed by the Standards Committee.



Councillor Culhane declared an interest in relation to item 6, in that he had formerly been a member of Friends of Wormholt Park.


Public Participation

To invite questions from members of the public present on issues relevant to the Committee’s remit.


Members of the public with more complex issues are invited to submit their questions in advance in order to allow a more substantive answer to be given. Questions can be sent to the contact officer shown on the front page of the agenda.



Councillor Culhane invited public participation throughout the meeting.


The Police in Hammersmith & Fulham

To receive a verbal update from Chief Inspector Simon Causer on local Police priorities



This item was deferred.


Cycling in the Borough pdf icon PDF 216 KB

To receive a report from the Head of Transport Policy & Network Management on cycling in the Borough and to understand the perspective of cyclists


The Committee will also be receiving a number of written submissions from local cycling groups and residents


Additional documents:


Chris Bainbridge presented the report, which gave an overview of cycling in the borough and current issues and the measures being taken by the Council to improve cyclists safety and encourage cycling.


Hammersmith & Fulham had one of the highest cycling rates in London, at 4% of all journeys compared with 2% for London as a whole. The target was to increase this to 7% by 2031.


The London Cycle Network (plus) had left the borough with a fairly comprehensive network of signed cycle routes. In March 2013, the Mayor of London had launched his cycling vision, which had three main areas:


·         a small network of high quality ‘Cycle Super Highways’, targeted at commuters;

·         a larger network of ‘Quietways’ mainly using less trafficked streets, suitable for cyclists including those who were less experienced, and

·         ‘Mini Hollands’ at selected town centres in Outer London.

The Mayor’s Cycle Hire Scheme was proving popular with some 60 docking stations in the borough. By May 2014, the number of docks and hires in the borough had risen to 78,000.


Mr Bainbridge stated that the main reason people gave for not cycling was concern for their safety. There had been some highly publicised and poignant cyclists’ death in London. Between a third and half of cyclist deaths in the previous three years had been the result of collisions with HGVs. The Council was one of the pioneering boroughs in providing ‘Changing Places’ mutual awareness sessions for cyclists and lorry drivers.


Mr Bainbridge outlined a number of initiatives including the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas. H&F Cyclists had expressed concern about cyclists’ perception of danger on Hammersmith Bridge and had asked the Council to introduce a 20mph limit.


Cycle theft was another deterrent to cycling. The report showed that cycle theft in the borough declined between 2012 and 2013.


Alex Ingram and John Griffiths, representing H&F Cyclists spoke about desired cycle safety improvements across the borough. Mr Ingram referred to areas where people perceived danger and did not cycle, and suggested that more could be done to make these parts of the borough more accessible for cyclists looking for safe routes. The stereotype of confident young male commuters asserting their space on roads was common.


Mr Griffiths spoke about desired safety improvements on Hammersmith Bridge, asking for a 20mph speed limit to be considered.


Mr Bainbridge then responded to these points and other queries and comments.


The Council had to prioritise areas where there were real dangers of collision.


Cycle training was open to children and adults who lived. worked and studied in the borough. Normally two lessons were offered.


There were no current plans to extend the cycle hire scheme or the number of docking stations.


Councillor Stephen Hamilton queried the measures in place to encourage people who perceived cycling as too dangerous, such as creating less dangerous routes across the borough. Mr Ingram suggested that these people required networks at a greater separation from traffic to be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Wormholt Park works update

To receive a presentation on the works underway at Wormholt Park, with an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions



David Page gave a presentation which set out the background to the refurbishment project and current proposals for Wormholt Park.


Mr Page clarified that the Market Square was a paved walkway, not a shopping area. Two CCTV cameras would be installed in the park.


Mr Page and Penny Brenan then responded to queries from councillors and members of the public.


It was proposed to start on site in January 2015, with the park being open by the summer.


A drinking fountain had not been planned, but could be considered.


The park was too small for toilets.


There would not be a café.


The provision of table tennis tables was suggested.


A member of the public who taught adult beginner cyclists queried whether there would an activities court/open area, which could be used for training.


Sarah Woodside, representing Friends of Wormholt Park (the friends) raised concerns about nesting birds that use the park and the importance of maintaining the existing bio-diversity.. The friends had undertaken wild birds surveys over a number of years and some species were likely to be lost through the removal of bushes. Ms Woodside stressed the importance of the park retaining its Edwardian character.


Mr Page gave assurance that the Council took these responsibilities seriously and that the discussion would be continued outside the meeting.


In respect of benches, the friends would be given the planned locations.


The adventure play area would be for older children. The Council had worked with four schools in respect of the play equipment and there would be an opportunity for the friends to view these proposals. It was likely that the chalk pit would be retained, but not in its current central location.


There was concern in respect of the maximum height of 1.8 metres of bushes. It was suggested that prickly bushes next to the railings would be a deterrent to people accessing the park at night.


Councillor Wesley Harcourt gave assurance that the Council would listen to these concerns and factor them into the revised set of proposals.


There had been two public consultations organised by Levitt Benstein and consultation with four schools in respect of the play areas. Councillor Culhane suggested that the new Wormholt Park Tenants and Residents Association be informed.


It was suggested that the tennis courts and football pitch should not be sited next to each other. Mr Page responded that an equitable use of the two new courts  had not been decided. Residents considered that there should be an additional two courts to replace those there previously and also the four in the BBC park. Market Square was proposed as a location.





An updated report be provided to a meeting open to the public.


Action: David Page





Air Quality pdf icon PDF 178 KB

To receive a report from the Bi-Borough Environmental Quality Manager on air pollution levels in the borough


The Committee will also be considering a written public submission


Additional documents:


Ms Elizabeth Fonseca presented the 2014 Air Quality Progress Report, which reviewed air quality data for the pollutants nitrogen dioxide and particular matter and provided an update on the implementation of actions.


The nitrogen dioxide annual mean objective continued to be exceeded in 2013 at the majority of the 16 monitoring locations in the borough and were also likely to be exceeded alongside the very busy ‘A’ roads and in the town centre.


Particulate matter monitoring is carried out in one location, from which only six months of data had been collected in 2013 due to a vehicle collision with the monitoring station. It was believed that the site would have exceeded the daily mean objective if the monitoring had continued for a whole year.


The emission sources from within the borough were mainly from transport, residential and commercial activities. A large part of the pollution however arose from beyond the borough’s immediate area.


Air Quality Action Plan for 2013/2014 progress had been included in the report. Whilst progress had been made in most areas, some actions had naturally slowed as they had reached the limits of what could be achieved.


The next stage in terms of air quality review and assessment work would be to prepare and submit an Updating and Screening Assessment in April 2015.


In February 2014, the European Commission had sent the Government a ‘Letter of Formal Notice’ for breaching nitrogen dioxide limit values. The legal enforcement process was likely to lead to fines which could be passed on to regional and local government.


In April Public Health England had published a report providing estimates of the number of deaths which could be attributed to long-term exposure to particulate air pollution, with Hammersmith & Fulham as the third highest.


A member of the public commented on smoke from the use of solid fuel for domestic fires lit in houses in the borough and the impact on air quality.  Mr Richard Buckley responded  that this had been banned and was highlighted on the Council website. The  Environment Protection Service, which was responsible for noise and nuisance problems, would be asked to monitor smoke emissions. It was proposed that there should be a public awareness campaign.


Ms Fonseca highlighted actions being taken by the Council, which included a tri-borough communication plan and work with GPs and hospitals to get out the message.


The Council continued to promote travel plans to encourage a switch to less polluting forms of transport, thereby reducing congestion and improving air quality. All schools had produced travel plans.


In response to a comment in respect of the significance of street trees to help improve air quality, Ms Fonseca stated that scrubs were actually more absorbing because they were at a lower level comparable with that of vehicle exhausts.


In respect of electric cars, the Council required one in five parking spaces in new developments to be for electric car recharging. In addition, the Council was implementing measures to reduce road traffic and emissions, such as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Work Programming pdf icon PDF 176 KB

The Committee is asked to consider the Work Programme of future items


Additional documents:


This item was deferred.


Dates of future meetings

The following dates are proposed:

·         Tuesday 2nd September 2014

·         Tuesday 4th November 2014

·         Tuesday 13th January 2015

·         Tuesday 3rd February 2015

·         Tuesday 21st April 2015



The following dates were proposed:

·         Tuesday 2nd September 2014

·         Tuesday 4th November 2014

·         Tuesday 13th January 2015

·         Tuesday 3rd February 2015

·         Tuesday 21st April 2015