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Finance, Commercial Revenue and Contracts Policy & Accountability Committee - Wednesday, 27th March, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Courtyard Room - Hammersmith Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Kayode Adewumi 

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To approve as an accurate record, and the Chairman to sign the minutes of the meeting held on 12 February 2019 and note the outstanding actions

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The Chair announced that the meeting was inquorate and he would be leaving the meeting later to speak at the Licensing Sub Committee.  The Committee would however proceed with the listed business informally.



The minutes of the meeting held on 12 February 2019 were commented upon.  Officers were requested to circulate responses to the outstanding queries.


The Chair asked officers to check if there were any lessons to be learnt from the A2 Dominion’s construction project in Birmingham which did not go well.


Action by Dave Burns



Waste, Recycling And Street Cleansing Contract Review pdf icon PDF 155 KB


A discussion on the current contract’s limitations and officers’ proactive management of the current contractor took place.  Officers described the potential opportunities for future requirements and contracts.  The Committee offered their support of this work and looked forward to future briefings as the work developed.


Officers described the current waste disposal contract arrangements until 2032.  The Committee discussed the challenges and opportunities around this particularly the need for the four Boroughs to work together to get value from the arrangements for residents.


Actions Requested


·                     Officers to provide the contract timeline to enable the Committee support and help shape the future of the contract.


Action by – Adrian Ash


·                     A report on procurement and contract management processes across the council which should then lead to some more detailed reports be submitted.


Action by – Hitesh Jolapara


·                     The E&Y report on the top 10 council contracts should be circulated as background reading.


Action by – Hitesh Jolapara


(Councillor Vincent arrived at 20:08 and Councillor Murphy left the room at 20:13).



Financial Control in Adult Social Care pdf icon PDF 243 KB


Lisa Redfern provided an overview of the Adult Social Care budget.  It was noted the department would deliver a balanced budget this year.  Discussions will start on the 2019/20 budget monitoring process soon.


Although the council has a younger population, 2/3rd of the services users are older people.  The department supports over 3100 residents with an average of 28 hours of care per person per week.


It was noted that there was a risk of NHS care costs migrating to the local authority through early discharge of patients into the community.  The council is providing more care to residents without extra government funding which has placed immense pressure on the Council’s budget.  During the discussions, it was agreed more work should be undertaken on preventive care models. The CCG, Public Health, NHS and Council should work better and closer to introduce best practice and provide better resident outcomes.


The Committee expressed their appreciation for the paper and were impressed with the quality of the department’s leadership.


Actions Requested


·                The breakdown of the age profile of care users to be sent to Members.

·                Members asked for a 6 month catch up on the collaboration agenda.


Council income pdf icon PDF 153 KB


The Committee considered two reports on the Council’s Income and Commercial activities. It was noted that the commercial income targets had not been met as sufficient capacity had not been available to develop and market the products.


In response to a question about the Committee’s offer to support and advise officers on commercial activity through a sub-committee of the PAC, the Chief Executive noted that an officers' group was being set up to oversee commercial activity.  It has been difficult to recruit high calibre staff in this area and would welcome the committee’s support in looking at capacity building.


Although the council was still piloting and evaluating the ethical debt processes, there had not been a significant drop in the council tax collection rate.  Five councils have signed access agreements and are in the process of arranging pilots with the Joint Venture.


Action Requested


·                     Members to be sent a note about how the Freedom Pass funding works.

·                     Officers to check if a Taxi Card Business Intelligence product had been developed.

·                     Officers to brief the committee on commercial revenue as part of the budget monitoring process.


Action by – Will Parsons


·                     A Commercial sub-committee be formed to support and advise on commercial activities.


Action by – Hitesh Jolapara



Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 68 KB

The Committee is requested to consider the items within the Work Programme attached as Appendix A to this report and suggest any amendments or additional topics to be included in the future.



The work programme was updated with the following requests made: -


·                An update on the IT migration.

·                The Section 106 and CCL report to include what has been received and allocated.

·                EY report which reviewed the Council’s top ten contracts be sent to Members.

·                Procurement and contract management processes across the council which should then lead to some more detailed reports.

·                Asset and Growth Strategy update be submitted.

·                Zero Based budgeting report to be submitted in 6 months to allow officers to resource and develop the concept further.




Dates of future meetings

The following dates have been approved for the new municipal year:

·         Tuesday 2 July 2019

·         Wednesday 18 September 2019

·         Wednesday 20 November 2019

·         Wednesday 29 January 2020

·         Wednesday 1 April 2020


The following dates for the new municipal year were noted:-

·                     Tuesday 2 July 2019

·                     Wednesday 18 September 2019

·                     Wednesday 20 November 2019

·                     Wednesday 29 January 2020

·                     Wednesday 1 April 2020