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Resident Access and Experience Programme

Meeting: 12/10/2020 - Cabinet (Item 5)

5 Resident Experience and Access Programme (REAP) - proposed mandate to move to the delivery phase of the programme pdf icon PDF 437 KB

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Councillor Adam Connell introduced the report and stated that it was a flagship initiative for driving transformation, improved access, reliability and quality across all front-line services. The programme would resolve the low level of digital access that residents of the borough currently experienced, ensuring digital inclusion and choice. Following a significant level of preparatory work undertaken, the delivery of the programme would be led by a dedicated resident implementation group. 


Councillor Connell added that this was an invest to save programme which was critical for the Council’s commitment to continue to be the best value Council in the country. The programme would deliver significant savings to the Council and more efficient services to the public.


Councillor Max Schmid thanked all residents involved in getting this programme right. The dedicated resident implementation group included disabled residents to ensure that the programme would address their needs and make it easier for them to interact with the Council when requesting services, either digitally or by alternative means. 





That Cabinet:


1.    Approves the detailed business case and delivery plan attached in Appendix 1 for the Resident Experience and Access programme to move from the planning to the delivery stage and complete all further design work required.


2.    Approves the core associated principles that underpin the intended future operating model of service delivery that will be rigorously pursued on a corporate basis and through co-production with a representative range of residents.   


3.    Approves in principle investment of up to £3.6m plus £0.4m contingency from one-off council reserves (up to £4.0m in total), delegating the draw-down of the reserve in line with the programme tranches, to the Director of Finance and the Senior Responsible Officer for the programme, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercial Services and the Cabinet Member for Public Services Reform.


4.    Notes the risk management arrangements put in place for this programme to provide reassurance for the effective use of the programme’s resources and successful delivery of significantly improved services for all its customers at a lower ongoing cost.